Put on your blades, get on your bike, the Roller Parade is about to begin!


Today is the first evening of the Roller Bike Parade, sponsored by hey! Telecom. Put on your rollerblades or climb on your skateboard and criss-cross the streets to the rhythm of some of the best Belgian DJs. Enjoy the sunshine!

It’s the most unmissable and fun collective sporting event of the summer, whatsmore is that it is completely free! First run in July 2002, it has continually expanded. This year it will be hosted in many municipalities, including Brussels, Hasselt, Leuven, Roeselare, Waver, Mons and Charleroi already confirmed for this year.

It is always festive and musical, but it also supports major issues such as that of soft mobility and the discovery of our cities through sport. Theme parades, artists invited to mix and many other surprises will be on the agenda for this 21st edition of the parade.

Whether on rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, longboards, monowheels or hoverboards, come as you want, all wheeled vehicles are allowed (electric too)! It’s the perfect opportunity to reclaim the city while roaming the streets with a true sense of freedom.

Parades aimed at beginners AND advanced riders

The event includes courses adapted for all levels. Two courses are planned during each parade: one for beginners (about 5 km) and the other for the more athletic (about 15 km). With family, friends or even alone, the hey! telecom Roller Bike Parade is aimed at both young novices and seasoned athletes!

For this 21st edition, the hey! telecom Roller Bike Parade turns into the colors of hey! telecom.

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Bike Trott Store

For this 21st edition, Bike Trott Store joins forces with the hey! telecom Roller Bike Parade and will ensure safety and compliance with the rules in force for scooter riders.

Tonight’s inaugural parade starts at 19:00 at Place Poelaert, Brussels.

For further information on all parades throughout Belgium and throughout the summer go to their website.