Raining money after police car chase


With police cars in hot pursuit, a gang of robbers threw a safe containing thousands of euros of banknotes out of their getaway car and onto the street t in the West Flemish municipality of Zedelgem. Banknotes flew through the air covering the whole street. Locals couldn’t believe their luck and proceeded to pick up the 50, 100 and 200 euro notes that had covered a hundred metre stretch of the Ruddervoordestraat.

Although some were forced by police to handover the cash they had picked up on from the street, many didn’t. The judicial authorities are reported to be furious that so many people have decided not to return the money they picked up.

“It was as if it had been raining money”, one local resident told the daily ‘Het Nieuwsblad’.

The local residents couldn’t believe their luck. Up until now, the police have managed to get back 11,000 euro of the money. However, this is a mere fraction of the total amount that was in the safe. The judicial authorities say that they are angry at the avarice of the local.