Real estate advice: Is your property investment a hobby or business?

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In our latest Real estate advice article Yannick Callens take you on a journey to the investor’s mindset.

In any area of life that we undertake we must ask ourselves the question: am I doing it as a hobby or as a business? Regarding the term ‘hobby’ I will not go into details because everyone will give their definition and the importance that they give to it. Regarding business, several criteria must be taken into account, the first of which is focus. 

Be as focused on what you are doing as rigorously as possible. Have discipline. Another criterion for doing things seriously is to do them 100%. 

Finish what you are doing. It’s over when you’ve finished everything. For example, go tell your spouse that you love them 60% or 70% today. You will see his or her reaction. Better to do everything 100% and well.  In real estate, that’s what I urge you to do. The third criterion is organization and professionalism. Be structured. You have to plan and stick to the plan. The three criteria summarized are focus, doing everything 100% and organization. 

The difference between doing it as a hobby or doing it as a business is attitude. And as far as this attitude is concerned, you alone are in control of it. And, most importantly, this attitude is free, it can’t be bought. Put these three criteria in place and you will see your results transform.

All your small actions will bring you, in the medium and long term, to a completely different direction. Your desired direction, your vision. Three crucial stages in life which are related to the law of attraction and, therefore, to your focus are the most important to make a clear and rigorous request. The second step is to believe in it. If you don’t believe in it 100%, there’s a good chance it won’t happen. So believe it 100% thrice over and it will give you a better chance of getting there… hopefully. And the last step, which for me is the most important, is to be ready to receive.

How many of us are going to say ‘no thank you’ or ‘thank you, I can do it myself’ or ‘I can pay for it myself’. It happens all the time. Worse, the universe will give you opportunities again and again, and you will pass up on them one by one, and, one day, the universe will stop giving you these opportunities on a silver platter because you are not ready to receive them. 

Conclusion: be prepared to receive as much as possible and more  Be prepared to say thank you. And to help you, I will give you a key secret of success: find the person who has done it before, mentor or coach and, of course, who has done it successfully.

Work on you. Invest in yourself. Work on your limits, your beliefs and whatever is holding you back today. And position yourself as an expert. You are the benchmark. The problem in all of this is a lack of focus. Doesn’t that remind you of the beginning? Procrastination. Is this a priority for you or not? Take the smallest action right away. Now! And keep an eye on your beliefs, especially those that limit you. 

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