Reprieve for Mini-Europe


The two attractions located near the Atomium are to remain at their current Heizel site in Brussels until the end of 2016. After that they will have move to make way for the Neo real estate project. Normally both attractions were due to close on 31 August this year, as the City of Brussels had not renewed the rental contracts for the land on which both attractions stand. There was speculation about eventual new sites for Océade and Mini-Europe with municipalities such as Uccel (Greater Brussels) having expressed an interest.

Two weeks ago, the First Minister in the Brussels regional government Rudy Vervoort (Francophone socialist) said that the two attractions could remain at their currents site until the end of 2015.

However, the attractions’ owner wanted this to be extended further. It has now been agreed that Océade and Mini-Europe can remain at the Heizel until 2016 according to the Brussels City Alderman responsible for tourism Philippe Close.

“This extension allows the parties to enter serene negotiations about possible future cooperation and at the same time offers the guarantee that the current tenant will have an option on the site should he come up with a proposal for an open air attraction.”

In other words there is still a chance that Mini-Europe and/or Océade can stay at the Heizel beyond 2016. The City of Brussels says that the owner of the two attractions Thierry Meeus formally accepted the City’s proposals on Monday.