Roman Holiday


Roman is a French expatriate singer-songwriter and musician and well-known on the Brussels performance circuit. His set at the well-known jazz bar Sounds included popular songs It’s Raining, Pornstar, K-Boogie, Jerry Springer, The Pain Within Her Heart, and more recently Rider, The Honeymoon Song, What Have I Been Drinking? and Hazy.

Roman has a distinct baritone rock voice, and writes simple, effective songs, much of Roman’s music is an echo of either comic or tragic themes. An early favourite being Only Gay Eskimo in the Tribe. His songs may seem very populist, but talk of something of the human condition even if humour is often the mode of the message. Recent highlights in his career have included appearances on French TV’s Taratata in May of last year and at Les Octvaves de la Musique Awards last July.