Scent of a Woman: Armani’s Emily DiDonato


Emily DiDonato, 19, is an American model of Irish and Italian ancestry who grew up in a small town in Orange County in upstate New York. After a family friend encouraged her to pursue modelling, she signed with Request Model Management in 2008 and booked jobs as the face of Guess for spring 2009, and was a model in Ralph Lauren’s ‘Rugby’ spring 2009 campaign. Prior to the 2009 New York Fashion Week, Vogue Germany dubbed her ‘top newcomer’ then, during 2010, she has become the face of Giorgio Armani’s new fragrance.


Together: So, how does it feel to be the woman chosen by Giorgio Armani to represent his new fragrance, Emily?

I’m really excited about this as Mr Armani is a legend in the fashion industry and his fragrances are world famous. In fact I really felt it was an honour to be chosen for this role.

How would you describe it?

Acqua di Gioia means ‘Water of Joy’ in Italian, and that is how I feel about the fragrance – that wearing it is a joyful experience. It makes me feel energised and so full of life.

What does a women’s fragrance represent for you?

Fragrances are really special things. They can change the way you feel about yourself. They are like an outfit – you put one on and it makes you feel a certain way. Women develop deep relationships with their fragrances too. A favourite fragrance is a very personal thing that can become a real part of your character.

In which way you think to reflect the concept of this fragrance?

Acqua di Gioia is all about nature and sensuality. It’s also about femininity. When we were doing the shoot, we were in a fantastic natural setting by the sea and I really felt free and alive.

Which note of this fragrance represents you best?

Acqua di Gioia is very fresh yet deep – and that’s definitely me. I like to think I’m a little mysterious!

Which was the moment of the shooting when you really felt to be part of this project and the concept of the fragrance?

When I was walking through the forest, it was extremely humid, misty almost and it felt like being in another dimension. I felt completely at one with nature and completely uninhibited. It was a great feeling.