Seven unusual wonders of the travel world


Together has trawled Responsible Travel’s guide to find some unusual destinations

Responsible Travel is dedicated to small and tailor-made holidays, all screened for their commitment to responsible tourism. Their Unusual Holiday Guide has 850 potential holidays. Their mission is simple:”By their very nature, all holidays are meant to be unusual. They were created out of a relatively modern desire to go in search of ‘the other’. Meaning, the quest for something different from the banality of everyday life. They respond to that desire for a holiday to be a ‘dream come true’.”

Here are seven destinations to whet your appetite – next month we’ll have another seven for you in case you haven’t got round to booking your summer holiday yet.

Cruising in Burma, the Mergui Archipelago
Already off the beaten track, go that little bit further as you explore the wonders of Burma island hopping. Located in the remote southern part of Burma, the Mergui Archipelago is home to some beautiful white-sand beaches. The area receives very few visitors and the islands are largely inaccessible unless you take to the seas and explore the area by luxury yacht – which is exactly what this tour does.

Live with a Berber family in the Moroccan Sahara
Experience authentic day-to-day Berber life while helping to provide a sustainable future for the family. Take a camel trek to experience the full contrast of a desert ecosystem, explore the stark lunar landscape of the Black Desert and the romantic towering dunes of the magnificent Erg Chebi where you can watch the shooting stars in the clear night sky.

Archaeology holiday in Greece
This holiday takes you 3,500 years back in time, as you travel to the birthplace of science and the great growth of the arts. Visit some of the most important ancient Greek sites, including the Acropolis of Athens and Delphi, and mainly in the area of Peloponnese: ancient Olympia, ancient Epidaurus, Mycenae, Nafplio, Sparta, the hidden monasteries in Loussios gorge and ancient Tegea.

Holiday with Dracula in Romania
We dare you to step into Vlad the Impaler’s homeland of Transylvania, and discover the culture, the landscapes, the castles and the architecture and local people; on an innovative Dracula tour that includes the Ritual Killing of the Living Dead and accommodation and candle lit dinner in Dracula’s Castle!

2017 solar eclipse holiday in the USA
The solar eclipse on 21st August is the obvious highlight of the trip, but with Yellowstone National Park, home to more geysers and geothermal pools than anywhere else on Earth, and lesser known Grand Teton National Park, also on the itinerary, there’s a chance it could be overshadowed!

Family volunteering with monkeys, South Africa
Take your family off the beaten track and into this life changing primate rehabilitation centre. Work hands on with baby monkeys and baboons to help prepare them for life in the wild. Both kids and adults alike love the volunteering, the location and the pace of life in the African bush.

Swimming with dolphins in the Azores
Wearing mask and snorkel, swim in crystal clear waters as you encounter these very curious, playful mammals. Watch their exquisite movements and listen to a symphony of sound as you feel part of their magical world. Suitable for families, with expert guidance provided by fully trained aquatic guides.

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