Sézane launches its first beauty collection


The Sézane pop-up on rue de Namur is a veritable treasure trove and a delight to visit, now you have another reason to visit this quirky shop, a new beauty range.

Sézane has chosen five perfect everyday essentials, made from natural ingredients using vegan formulas. The collection includes a mascara, composed of a caring and natural formula thanks to castor oil, a pencil, a lip palette with melting and light textures, a lip balm which enhances the natural color of the lips and which intensifies naturally depending on the pH of the lips and finally a red lipstick, an essential product with a soft-matte finish and a light, comfortable and moisturizing texture composed of castor and jojoba oils. 

Products to use every day and to always have on hand

The mascara has a natural formula, enriched with an intense black pigment, which nourishes the eyelashes and contributes to their growth thanks to castor oil. Its fibre brush allows precise eyelash separation and uniform application, for a natural result.

The lipstick range has a rich and intense color with a soft-matte finish, and a light, comfortable and moisturizing texture thanks to the blend of castor oil and jojoba. It enhances the color of your lips with a dewy look, it also reacts and intensifies depending on the PH of your lips.



The lip palatte of subtle colours with melting and light textures offers a wonderful choice to match your mood. Looking a little pale and interesting? You might want to take a little dab and apply it to your cheeks, to perk your look up a little. 




Sézan set up its POP UP presence in Brussels at the end of 2022.  Sézane had been looking for a place that suited the style of this quirky, but also very wearable brand. Situated on Rue de Namur, now home to several coffee shops, the shop consists of two floors, with women’s clothes on the ground floor and smaller collection of ‘Octobre’ items for men. 

Sézane’s style reflects the designer’s story. There’s a love of vintage, a respect for the artisanale with a contemporary twist, it’s a bit discombobulating. What I particularly like is that there is a built-to-last feel to the items, they’re gentle statements that underwrite Sézane’s commitment to sustainability. 

 A forgotten suitcase

The story of Sézane begins with a forgotten suitcase. Upon discovering an abandoned collection of vintage clothing, Morgane Sézalory began making slight adjustments to the pieces, and selling her finds online under the name ‘Les Composantes’. Her monthly drops, or rendez-vous, became an anticipated event in France. By 2013, Morgane realized she had found her calling: she began supplementing her vintage pieces with her own designs & Sézane was born.


The commitment to sustainability of the products goes beyond the environmental element. Sézane is officially B Corp certified, which means it meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability to balance profit and purpose. One example of this is that 10% of proceeds from a dedicated solidarity piece are given to their philanthropic program DEMAIN and Sos Village d’Enfants in Belgium, which supports and protects the interests and rights of children.