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Huawei GT 3 Pro

In our latest Shopping watches artciles we look at the latest super smartwatch from Huawei.

Huawei GT3 Pro
Huawei – a Chinese telecoms company created in 1987 and now producing more smart phones than the mighty Apple – has now launched its most exciting watch yet. The Watch GT 3 Pro is a luxurious titanium-constructed and connected product that is also available in nanocrystalline ceramic.

Widely welcomed in consumer reviews, these watches bring an additional dose of luxury to the Watch GT 3 line. The materials are impressive: titanium for the 46.6mm version, and nanocrystalline ceramic and golden steel bezel for the 42.9mm option. The battery life is exceptional – lasting 14 days for the titanium model and seven for the ceramic version.

With the Huawei watch you can of course send messages, emails, make calls and look at your social media – whether this is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This superb wearable will manage your calls and help you organise your diary.
The special timepiece also scores highly on the sensor front. There are all kinds: an accelerometer, gyroscopic sensors, a compass, an optical heart rate sensor, a barometer, a GPS [global positioning system] so you will never get lost, a temperature sensor and an SpO2 sensor. The sensors are used to monitor your health and sleep patterns.

For the sports lover, this watch is ideal. The GT 3 Pro integrates more than 100 sports modes, making it a winner in this sector. This super smart watch can go anywhere with you when you work out or play sports. It helps in a range of activities. Particularly impressive and quite rare in the connected watch market is the golf course mode. It is possible to view hundreds of courses on your wrist. You can see the lay of the land with specially created maps. The GT 3 Pro also shows the wind speed and direction to help you raise your game. The widely anticipated watch analyses various shots and even gives a technical analysis when the game is finished.

Needless to say the Huawei GT 3 Pro is also waterproof – and more. With reinforced water protection (IP68 and 5 ATM), the watch complies with the EN13319 diving standard and supports snorkeling up to 30 metres. There is also a diving mode, displaying the depth, ascent, speed and duration of the dive. The watch even allows you to practise apnea (holding your breath underwater). Huawei only warns that the watch should stay clear of hot springs, hammams, platform diving and activities where water pressure is likely to be high.

On the health front, the big new feature is the ability to carry out electrocardiograms (ECGs), thanks to electrodes arranged on the sides of the watch. Huawei also highlights the TruSeen 5.0+ heart rate monitoring technology based on the eight photoelectric sensors on the back of the watch. Sleep and even stress monitoring complete the package. This watch may even save you counselling bills.

Huawei GT 3 Pro golf

Last but not least, the Huawei GT 3 Pro is a thing of beauty. It comes in stylish black with a leather or fluorinated rubber strap, black with a titanium strap or a specially unique white ceramic version with a white leather strap. It is a stylish accessory to any outfit. While this unforgettable white model may look like it is aimed at women, there is no gender specificity intended – all the Huawei GT 3 Pro models are unisex.

This timepiece has undergone an extremely high 1,500°C temperature and is finished by diamond powder polishing, “to achieve pure-white and flawless texture – fascinating to the eyes, also breathable and comfortable on the wrist,” the company says.

The Huawei brand is a combination of many qualities. Ultimately, the GT 3 Pro Watch continues the aims and traditions set out in September 2015 by the President of Huawei US Xu Zhiqiang in announcing the company’s first smart watch launched in Berlin, that: “It embodies Huawei’s technology innovation heritage, pursuit of premium design and integration of useful functionality that we strive to develop in each product.”

The GT 3 Pro watches are already available online and at major retail stores including Vandenborre, Media Markt and Fnac in Belgium.

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