Silk scarves inspired by the city of lights


Roseline d’Oreye’s latest creation captures the sights and spirit of gai Paris. 

Roseline d’Oreye opened her shop and atelier in the prestigious Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert at the start of the year. Crossing the portal one is plunged into her ludic and joyful world.

D’Oreye’s first love was drawing and illustration. She is constantly inspired by her travels where she makes her preliminary sketches, these are then developed and applied to her silk scarves.

Her Belgian-themed scarves are playful celebrations of all things Belge: chocolates; sprouts; Belgian landmarks. For her latest edition she has been inspired by Paris.

“Following various trips to Paris, I already had in my notebooks a multitude of unused drawings,” says d’Oreye. “As soon as my shop opened in the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, many customers asked me if I had a silk scarf celebrating Paris. These requests gave me with the perfect opportunity to gather my sketches and transform them into a whole new composition that highlights the city of lights!”

The designs are a breath of fresh air, full of creative freedom, emotions, poetry and d’Oreye’s trademark: joie de vivre.

The scarf come in two sizes: 90/90 (€275) and 60/60 (€185).

The full versatility of how a scarf can be worn is also on display in the shop, Roseline is happy to offer guidance on how to craft a bandana, or turn it into a top; she even organises “how to” workshops for groups, individuals or professional events. 

In addition to the simpler scarf there are kimonos, tunics and pouches.

If you are looking for that special gift to mark a “significant” birthday, there is also the possibility of creating a personalized silk scarf. There are a number of  options available , you could add an inscription of a first name, or a short phrase of your choice. The second option is modifying some colors of an existing silk square, without modifying its design. The third possibility is to add a custom design, or the adaptation of a pattern, based on one of Roseline’s existing designs. And finally, the fourth option is a beginning-to-end creation of your luxury accessory based on your ideas – even to help you to elaborate a theme.