South Africa Travel: Radisson Blu Hotel Cape of Good Hope


In our regular South Africa Travel pages Jamie Nisbet runs the rule over Together’s trip to the most famous cape in the world.

The first European settlers arrived in 15th century Cape Town which they initially named the Cape of Storms (Cabo das Tormentas) but then went on to aptly name it the Cape of Good Hope. Throughout the centuries, many traders stopped here on their way to India for rest, pleasure and business amongst other things. You could say that this region of South Africa for several centuries was a hub of trading and marketing as well as being a central point for an array of different cultures and ethnicities.

Fast forward to its most recent history and you see that Cape Town has endured radical and racial tensions of a hostile nature. Apartheid was a set of laws implemented in 1948 that banned any relation between black and white people. It became unlawful for a black person to be with a white person. In other words, mixed race families were considered to be a crime. This choice, though, did not go unopposed. A few people stood up against this system, amongst them Nelson Mandela who, because of his political standing, was imprisoned for 27 years on Robben Island. This island found just off the coast of Cape Town is a deeply historic world heritage site and the perfect place to brush up on your South African history.

Since apartheid’s end Cape Town has been working hard to welcome a collection of different cultures – the coastal city now has one of the highest rates of equality in Southern Africa.

Let your mind not wander to the mountainous regions and deep blue ocean views of the Cape of Good Hope, wander through the hustle and bustle of city life in Cape Town centre? The Radisson Blu hotels are the places to be.

The first Radisson Blu is found on the corner of Riebeek and Long Street. This 214-room resort is within walking distance of great tourist attractions as well as being a mere kilometre away from the Cape Town International Convention Center. Located in the central business district, this particular Radisson Blu boasts award-winning architecture, stunning inner decor mirroring the attributes of the local landscape as well as maintaining a façade of art deco style and a staff that works with a ‘Yes I Can!’ attitude which translates to amazing hospitality and a stay to remember.q

The Radisson Blu hotel and residence opened its doors on the 1 April 2017. It is one of the 300 hotels across 69 countries that the Radisson Blu name is proud to showcase, and it is also the brand’s 10th hotel in South Africa.

Within the walls of the Radisson Blu, you will find all the amenities of a luxurious, calm and serene hotel. It offers access to a gym and underground parking. The Ghibli Pool bar and terrace offers rooftop views with a light snack and a drink, perfect for the tired traveller attempting to evade the busy city life. The Sea Street bar and lounge on the other hand is a completely different story, ideal for the curious and energetic traveller who wants a taste of the local night life. Since Cape Town is destined to become one of the world’s leading conference and exhibition capitals, the Radisson Blu has equipped its latest hotel with a state-of-the-art exclusive business lounge and a wide range of luxurious conference and meeting rooms. And for the gastronomically inclined, the Stratus room offers a dining experience of an outstanding quality. The newly-appointed chef Duncan Pontac will be running the show. He is a Cape Town native and has been intrigued by cooking since the young age of six. He is a graduate of the Culinary Arts School as well as being a well travelled man. He says “Creating with food is my life’s passion and a journey of continuous discovery and growth.”