Stranded Air Passengers Stage Protest


The customers on the flight from Fez in Morocco flew into a collective rage and mounted a sit in after the flight crew asked them to disembark following a diversion from Paris Beauvais airport caused by thick fog on the ground in France.

The crew then left the aircraft and reportedly locked the toilets and switched off the lights after several travellers became disruptive, explained Michael O’Leary, Ryanair’s chief executive officer, at a press conference on Wednesday at the company’s headquarters in Dublin. The protesting passengers finally disembarked when airport police became involved in the incident and they were finally taken to Beauvais by bus.

O’Leary claimed that customers on three earlier Ryanair flights diverted to the Belgian city completed their journeys to France without incident.

“It is standard safety procedure for all airlines to divert to another airport when weather closes a destination airport, and it is standard procedure to coach passengers to their destination,” Ryanair said in a media statement.