Success: Listen to David Schwartz and be a success


We continue our Be Successful recommendations for audio books that can inspire you to reach your dreams. Educate yourself further in the world of business and life while cycling, jogging on a treadmill or settling into bed at night.

The Magic of Thinking BIG
The late David Joseph Schwartz was a professor at Georgia State University, Atlanta, and was considered a leading American authority on motivation. He was also President of Creative Educational Services, a consulting firm specializing in leadership development. Starting from a one-room schoolhouse in rural Indiana, David J. Schwartz went on to become the president of his own company and lecturer to more than three thousand trade associations, sales groups and management seminars.

His first phenomenal bestseller The Magic of Thinking BIG has sold more than four million copies, instructing us how to get ourselves onto the path that will bring happiness and satisfaction with a step-by-step guide to achieving personal happiness and wealth.

In the course of researching his books, Schwartz spoke to many people who had reached the top in their field. He realized that “the key factor in personal success was simply the desire for it. Some people choose to lead, others to follow. Success is not primarily a matter of circumstances or native talent or even intelligence – it is a choice”.

He believed that successful people do not look at their families, their jobs, their health or their net worth as they are. He writes: “They jump ahead of the masses and do one simple but profound thing: they look at life as it can be, not as it is. They perceive life as it will be after application of their persistent, intelligent ‘I-will-win’ efforts.

“Whether we spend life winning or losing depends on how we use our mindsight – what we choose to ‘see’ or dream. A great life always begins with a great dream.”

According to Schwartz, “success, wealth and happiness do not come from luck. All accomplishments stem from dreams courageous people convert into reality. The largest journey begins with one step. A giant fortune can begin with only a few dollars. A happy life is built one day at a time.”

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