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Anya Taylor-Joy: Style and substance

Together meets the actress who caught the world's attention through her portrayal of Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit  Anya Taylor-Joy is a happy person...

Vermeer: The art of the ordinary

On 10 February, the Rijksmuseum opened its first retrospective exhibition of Johannes Vermeer.  Comprising 28 paintings, this show is the most complete overview of the...

Jobs Amsterdam/Netherlands: Together magazine is HIRING/ ENGAGE/ Werft Aan

TOGETHER WERFT AAN Als gevolg van de succesvolle internationale expansie recruteert Together Media een Sales Executive voor Nederland. Uw verantwoordelijkheid ligt in de verkoop...

Amsterdam, a tourist’s delight

 Amsterdam, fun for all ages. When most people think of Amsterdam, it is often coffee shops and the red light district that spring to...
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