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Jobs Brussels: Discover how Talentree gets you volunteering

In our latest jobs Brussels articles Talentree explains how you can take the driver’s seat on your career growth. Why? There are many reasons why you...

Cyber nomads: Is this the sexiest job in the world?

Cyber nomads are suffering as much as the rest of us, since their travel options have been severely curtailed by Covid-19. But who are...

Personal development: How to find meaningful work

In our personal development article Gemma Rose wonders how to find meaning in the modern workplace. For this magazine, I previously wrote about how we...

Employment: Treating 50+ years old employees

In our latest employment article Dave Deruytter asks what employers should do with their 50+ years old employees. Many, particularly large, companies struggle with the...

Artificial Intelligence: Big Brother’s watching you

Dave Deruytter looks at Artificial Intelligence and the possible future obsolescence of… us. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on the innovation radar for quite some...

Money tips: Facebook, mind the age gap!

Following a recent statement by Mark Zuckerberg, our money tips expert Dave Deruytter wonders what to do with your ‘older’ employee population. The Facebook CEO...

Working hours: How to take life easy

Gemma Rose puts the case for the right to not devote ourselves entirely to our jobs by cutting back on working hours. “We have been...

A bridge too far?

The world of engineering faces an uncertain future, but it is hoped that EU legislation could help build more solid foundations.Look around you and...

Tax: The winds of change in Belgium

Belgium finally has new governments, both federal and regional, and it also has a sixth State Reform.Many changes are on the way. What are...

Women in the boardrooms: EU cracks the glass ceiling

The European Parliament today voted with an overwhelming majority (459 for, 148 against and 81 abstentions) to back the European Commission’s proposed law to...
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