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Top ten pro tips for terrific talks

In this article Matthew Cossolotto summarizes some of the lessons from this series  In my book — The Joy of Public Speaking — I provide...

Public speaking: The Wizard of Oz Formula and the Rule of...

Matthew Cossolotto suggests ways you can pack more punch into your presentations Welcome to our fifth article in Together’s Public Speaking Master Class from a...

Public speaking: Twenty Terrific Tips for Top-Notch Talks – Part II

In his latest public speaking article Matthew Cossolotto offers the second part of his excellent public speaking tips. In my new book, The Joy of...

Public speaking: Twenty Terrific Tips for Top-Notch Talks – Part I

Public speaking expert Matthew Cossolotto offers precious advice on how to wow your audience. My new book, The Joy of Public Speaking, includes a detailed...

Personal development: The joy of public speaking

Matthew Cossolotto believes that it is time to banish fear about public speaking. And one night, the Lord said to Paul, in a vision, “Have...

Personal Development: Please Stand Up

Personal Development: Matthew Cossolotto suggests that too many speakers suffer from ADD. Too many speakers and media interview guests (along with the PR practitioners who...
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