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Personal Training: Discover all the answers to your training questions

In our latest personal training article Florent Rivault, Wellbeing Manager at Aspria Royal La Rasante, explains the benefits of personal trainers. Whether you are seeking...

Music fitness: Power to improve your gym results

Kate Cracknell explains how music fitness makes you train better and relax more deeply. Music has the power both to improve our results in the...

BodyART: Get into some soulful body training

myASPRIA’s Nadine Zaydan explains the power of the BodyART training phenomenon. Robert Steinbacher’s body training method has become a worldwide phenomenon. His method has been...

Flying school ‘Best in sky’ in Belgium

Together looks at one of the more unusual ways you can while away an afternoon  - at a flying school. Here’s something to add to...

Physical training: Improve your tennis

Personal Trainer Davide Fiori offers essential physical training tips on how to go about conditioning yourself the right way. All tennis players want to play...

Fitness: Focus on functional training

myAspria Editor Maïté Mignot takes a close look at functional training. Functional training in detail You’ve probably heard of the term ‘functional’.  What does it mean? Classical...
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