Ten Cool Places In Brussels To Go On A Date


Grab Some “Small Plates”
People are always going to tapas bars with a large group of friends or family members because it is an intimate setting best shared with people you are close to. Although that is true, tapas bars are also a fantastic place to go on a first date. Sharing the small plates is a great way to get to know someone because you are both interacting with the food as opposed to ordering your own dish and focusing on yourself during the meal. It is a subconscious way to be more open with your date, and vice-versa. A great tapas bar here in Brussels is Tapas Locas, near the Grand Place. It is inexpensive and absolutely delicious.

Find A Concert
Great musicians are not in short supply here in Brussels. Being a major city, it attracts some top acts as well as smaller ones that are still just as good. It is always nice to know the musician before you go, but even if you don’t, it will still be fun. The energy and atmosphere of concerts are really fun for couples. And it definitely beats another evening sitting in and watching a movie.

Learn Something New
A great way to spend time with your date is to learn something new. What better thing to learn than how to make a delicious meal? There are a number of restaurants in Brussels that offer private cooking classes. You and your date can make your own meal, then enjoy it together at the restaurant. Some of the restaurants include : Basil & Co., Marriott Brussels Midtown Grill, Mmmmh, Cooking Time and La Cuisine de Flore. Just give them a call to plan your next fantastic date!

Go To A Park
Being active with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a great way to connect. Take your bikes, rollerblades or even just your feet to the nearest park and spend the day hanging out together. Note: this only works if it is not raining. So when you see a beautiful day in Brussels, go out and have fun.

Try Salsa Dancing
Get in touch with your Latin roots and go out salsa dancing. If you don’t know how, then learn – fast! Because being a good dancer will impress your date more than any cheesy pick-up line, bouquet of flowers or cute outfit.

Instead Of Dinner, Make It Breakfast
Changing things up is always good. Going out to dinner can get a little old, so why not spend the most important meal of the day with your darling? Brussels has a good choice for incredible breakfasts and brunches. Also just grabbing an espresso and pastry at a coffee shop in the morning is a great, simple way spend a little time with that special someone.

Take A Chocolate Sampling Expedition Around The Grand Place
There are few things more fun than spending an afternoon eating chocolate. And you know what’s even more fun, it’s free! Grand Place is one of the most beautiful, interesting places to visit in Belgium. Take your date to the area and explore the vast array of chocolate shops by sampling a few delicacies from each one.

Embark On A Brewery Tour
Although tours like this may seem a little too touristy for those who, well, aren’t tourists, try your best to ignore that preconceived notion. Spending a few hours at a brewery is fun with friends, but even more fun for a date. Think about it, the pressure’s off because you are not in charge of guiding the conversation, you get to walk around and see some really cool things, and last but not least, you can enjoy a nice brew (or three) during the tour. 

Try Rock Climbing
Break free of the stereotypical dating cycle by doing something a little crazy and exhilarating. People generally feel more comfortable on dates when there is an activity to be done as opposed to just sitting there and talking. Can you say pressure? Rock climbing is great because there are walls for all ability levels, works muscles you typically don’t work and is just plain fun. Try Escalade Terres-Neuves Climbing.

Check Out The Sablon Antique Market
If you are at a loss for what do to do with your date, have some fun browsing through the beautiful antiques of Brussels in Place du Grand-Sablon. And when you’re done taking a look, Sablon has several fabulous places to grab a bite. Antiquing and eating always equals a good time.