The richest man in the world – for a few hours


Forget Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Carlos Slim Helú! The richest man in the world is called Reggie Theus, and he’s the first ever trillionaire.

A resident of the small town of Jacksonville, Texas, Reggie became momentarily the richest man in the world. When he had a look at his bank account, Reggie Theus was slightly surprised to see appear the staggering figure of $4,000 billion dollars, 3.927 billion more than Carlos Slim, the current richest man the world according to Forbes magazine.

Obviously, it was a bank error that was rectified a few hours later. Interviewed by the local television station KLTV, on what he would do if he could keep the loot, the modest restaurant manager said he would offer three-quarters of his fortune to the U.S. government, to repay some of the national debt! A nice gesture that would, nevertheless, have left Reggie with a mere 1,000 billion.