The Shelle: Handbag and mobile device carrier in one


Normally, fashion is the trend-setter, but in the case of Rosalina Nacken’s Shelle Futura Tablet Case, the tail is wagging the dog. Her unique two-in one mobile device handbags are an elegant solution for carrying around the things you need most… no, not your makeup, more your Android tablets or iPads. The new Apple iPad Air will be released shortly and according to Rosalina “the increasing amount of working women need a product that is functional and versatile – something that will move with them easily from their busy day to a glamorous social evening”.

She is based in the Netherlands, and the product has been rolled out only in Europe so far. These handmade luxury Italian leather handbags, called “Shelle Classica”, and its tablet case insert, called “Shelle Futura”, are made for busy people move on the move.

On the outside it’s a chic clutch, and hidden inside is the Futura, a leather tablet case, treated with a patented finish that is both scratch and water resistant to protect your device.

Rosalina Nacken is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Her inspiration for her design was her acknowledgment that many of the devices we use today are either invented by men or made by men. This roused her to bridge the masculine world of technology and the feminine world of fashion.

“Life is not made for standing still, it is made to move, to explore, to become part of our surroundings but to also be individual and one of a kind,” she says.

“Our unique concept provides elegance and luxury, which moves with you. It goes where you go and it fits with your life, but most importantly it stands out from the crowd.”

Each Shelle Classica and Shelle Futura comes with a unique serial number, a 100% made in Italy stamp (they are made in a small village near Venice) and a genuine gold-coated logo, all to verify its authenticity. Two real gold-coated chains with leather handles, one long and one short, are included to transform your tablet case into a chic evening clutch. These chains can be clipped on and off easily.