True Wellness…


The “body-mind connection” and “wellness” are the buzzwords of the new millennium. People are increasingly stressed and wellness seems to be the answer. But what does true “wellness” or the body-mind connection actually mean and how do you work with them to change your life?

The body-mind connection takes a holistic approach to the individual. Within that vision there is, of course, a prominent place for the physical aspect that includes training, nutrition and stress reduction. This is something that professionals in this area, such as World Class, address with their specialist expertise.

There are several additional aspects that need to be addressed to complete this picture when we look at our individual needs. We have to keep in mind that anything that affects the body is going to have an emotional impact and anything that affects the mind is going to have physical manifestations.

Jet lag, sleep deprivation and poor nutrition, for example, have been proven to have a negative impact on performance, judgment, reflexes and moods. Equally, deadlines, tension or arguments can eventually create a continuous stress cycle in which eating and exercise patterns change. Businesses often notice the effects of this kind of un-wellness in the form of lower productivity, high absenteeism, low morale and a decline in creativity. The reverse is also true: you can turn this around.

How do we work with this body-mind connection instead of being victims of circumstances? This is what Paul Schuchhard, nutritionist and personal trainer at World Class, and Marcie Sires, psychotherapist and holistic health counselor, wanted to explore. They formed their coaching company, Life5, and created the SPIRETM model, a scientific, holistic approach to chart and promote wellness. The SPIRETM model identifies the five essential life vectore for health, wellbeing and happiness (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational, Emotional.)

Focusing on the actual causes of the stressors in our lives and dealing with them by developing specific strategies, you can attain a level of optimal wellness and performance.

Run through this quick checklist below and try to write down (honestly) how fulfilled you feel you are in each of these areas:

  • Where does inspiration and joy come from in your life? (the Spiritual)
  • Have you created a sustainable fitness and nutritional program? (the Physical)
  • Are you sufficiently challenged to explore your curiosity and grow intellectually? (the Intellectual)
  • Are you satisfied with the quality of the relationships that you surround yourself with? (the Relational)
  • Do you know how your emotional triggers work? (the Emotional)