Water, Water Everywhere


You may know about Giorgio Armani’s successful fragrance Acqua di Giò (for him) and the more recent Acqua di Gioia (for her). But you should also know that until  May 31, part of the sale proceeds of these perfumes will fund the construction of water supply systems in Ghana.

For every Acqua di Giò or Acqua di Gioia purchased, 100 litres per year of safe drinking water will be donated. And, costumers will be given the opportunity to double their donation and get involved by subscribing to the campaign on the Acqua For Life challenge website and by creating a community on Facebook.

Giorgio Armani says he has always been “very aware of problems connected to the environment and in particular to water”. Therefore Armani, who already committed himself to the UNICEF Tap Project campaign in the United States last year, has decided “to contribute more, by becoming involved in a more extensive campaign” by also partnering up “with Green Cross International, which operates throughout the rest of the world”.

Water, Armani says, is an element he loves very much “since it is regenerative, precious and essential to life”; but he is also aware that “providing universal access to water definitely constitutes one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Such access is essential for sustainable development, and it is only when such access is guaranteed that countries can implement practical solutions in the field of development and education.”

Armani is particularly concerned about children, who are much more vulnerable to water shortage and pollution. Besides the health issues, Giorgio Armani realizes that the time spent looking for water could be better spent on school benches.

Therefore, Green Cross International’s Smart Water for Green Schools project focuses on children, their schooling environment and their communities. Because, as Armani says: “The future rests on their shoulders.”

The final donation will depend on both the sales of the Acqua di Giò and Acqua di Gioia fragrances and the clicks generated on Facebook during the campaign. So go ahead, get the spritz and create a buzz!