Wine: The Bordeaux Wine School

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Wine: Our wine page this month looks at a burgeoning, eager organization – The Bordeaux Wine School.

For thirty years, The Bordeaux Wine School, located in the heart of the city of Bordeaux but also based all around the world, welcomes all those who wish to know more about the vine and wine whether they are amateurs, professionals or experts.

Over the past thirty years, all the courses, workshops and training sessions have been animated by passionate professionals such as wine growers and winemakers, oenologists and sommeliers eager to share their knowledge and know-how concerning Bordeaux vineyards. The Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB) opened this wine school in 1989 to share its expertise and interest with as many people as possible.

This pioneering model, which has never ceased to evolve, asserts its originality through a unique educational device. The Bordeaux Wine School is now established in 21 countries with a team of 250 accredited professionals. They train over 85,000 people every year through different workshops and daily courses, ranging from basic to professional level. These fun and casual courses (Choco’Bordeaux workshop, food and wine pairings) are always tailormade and adapted to each profile and level.

They may be winemakers, oenologists, sommeliers, catering and food professionals or even ‘Master of Wine’! All these wine lovers have a rich and solid professional background and the diversity of their profile and expertise in their own country are all assets in their teaching approach. The 250 Bordeaux Wine School tutors represent a strong and renowned network around the world and a reference-community for both professionals and consumers. In addition, 27 partner schools (catering, hospitality, sommellerie or general public), leaders in their countries, undertake to set up a specific training programme on Bordeaux wines with accredited tutors from the BordeauxWine School.

For its 30th anniversary, the Bordeaux Wine School has undergone a complete renovation and transformation and will inaugurate the new tasting and training areas in spring 2019. There will be two new tasting rooms: one, ‘Rive Gauche’ with a big tasting table, and ‘Rive Droite’, a bigger one, including a more intimate space with a wine cellar, called ‘Denis Dubourdieu’ as a tribute to the famous French oenologist. These new areas will all have connected video equipment for online training and worldwide broadcasted courses for “wine geeks”.