YOGIIRT: Knokke’s newest restaurant


Yogurt, given its proven health benefits and the wide range of flavours and variations available, is often a quick go-to breakfast or snack. But on 19 July, YOGIIRT, a pop-up restaurant in Knokke, is hoping to transform the creamy and delicious dish into something even more enticing: a moment to pause the rest of your day and enjoy the simple pleasures of fresh food.

“We wanted to offer our customers original, healthy, light and tasty recipes, primarily made of local produce, by insisting on the importance that each is a small daily pause for pleasure,” co-founder Mark van Cutsem says.

Van Cutsem and fellow entrepreneurs Thierry Goor, Hakim Benbouchta and Axel Leclère called on Carlo De Pascale, chef at Mmmmh! in Brussels, to develop a menu based entirely around yogurt. With options for breakfast, lunch, dessert and even les apéros (they suggest the Mojito yogurt), YOGIIRT’s founders say it is the first restaurant of its kind in Belgium, and they hope to develop the concept throughout the country and Europe.

Customers choose a yogurt or fresh cheese to begin, and it is then combined with fresh seasonal and local ingredients to transform the base into an entire delectable meal. The combinations are nearly endless, and whether you choose classic fresh fruit for breakfast, something more savoury for lunch or frozen yogurt for a mid-day sweet treat, the restaurant promises an opportunity to hit pause and catch a refreshing break from the day.

‘Upcycled’ raw materials and ‘deco chic’ décor, plus a shaded terrace, create a natural and fresh atmosphere in which to enjoy your YOGIIRT creation, or the menu is also available for take away.


Elizabetlaan 21