Alzheimer’s: Use your diet to reduce the risk

Our nutrition expert Sophie Bruno looks at the connection between our diet and dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. If you are concerned about your future health,...


Dining in, dining out in Brussels

Bistropolitan An excellent newcomer in the dining world has arrived in the Montgomery, located conveniently close to the Metro station. And it has one of...

Flower Carpet in Brussels is going Japanese

The 20th Brussels Flower Carpet will take the theme of Japan to celebrate 150 years of Belgo-Japanese friendship. In these cold winter months it’s useful...
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Together magazine/EU Golf Trophy 2016

Together Magazine’s 7th annual Golf Tournament is coming up on Saturday 2nd of July. It will once again be the best club tournament of the...

Charlize Theron: The epitome of glamour

Together meets a beautiful actress, model, activist and mum. Wearing a sheer black Chloe dress and high heels, Charlize Theron, 38, epitomizes glamour.  Tanned and...

Competition: Win davidrose eyewear

COMPETITION Together’s monthly competition gives you a chance to win eyewear at davidrose opticians: - Polarized prescription sunglasses with a value up to €400 (glasses by...

Luxury jewellery: The most famous jewels on the planet

If you’re looking for something unusual to give your loved one for Valentine’s Day, look no further than these famous pieces of luxury jewellery. Napoleon...

Romantic movies: The top 6 weepies of all time

Film critic James Drew stocks up on hankies and reviews six classic romantic movies. Well, it's that time of year again (funny, isn't it, how...

Tommy Tiernan: Irish comic live on stage in Belgium

Thursday, January 28, 2016 — Hot on the heels of Tommy’s critically acclaimed 2015 UK tour, Irish comedian, actor and writer Tommy Tiernan is...

Marc Sluszny: Watch his video ‘Living your dream’

Adventurer and extreme sportsman Marc Sluszny is an adventurer, sportsman, keynote speaker, mental coach and author. He gained worldwide attention by challenging the elements of nature...

Kiev: The winds of change

Lesley Williamson discovers golden domes, shimmering spires and bohemian spirits of freedom. The capital of Ukraine is a surprising destination to be explored in autumn,...


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