Belgian health: How does insurance in Belgium work?

James Drew recounts how easy Partena Business & Expats make Belgian health insurance when you arrive in Belgium. Whenever I arrive somewhere new, one of...

World cuisine: Brussels is number one for international food

Our latest world cuisine article reveals that Brussels is on top of the world. With the joy of food being something that unites us all,...
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Designer hotels: Unique Syntopia luxury hotel in Crete

The latest article in our designer hotels series is a Cretan hotel that has used design to connect comfort, people and nature. Syntopia is one...

Nutrition advice: Food to strengthen our immune system

In our second nutrition advice article Professor Nathan Clumeck says taking care of your health improves your immunity and vice versa. Nutrition advice: Health and...

Life advice: Are we all born to be completely selfish?

In her latest life advice article Jean o’Connor dissects the concept of altruism, just for you.  The word altruism may conjure up images of Gandhi,...

Nutrition tips: The myth of perfect eating

In our latest nutrition tips article Gemma Rose calls time on the fantasy of clean food. “I spent all last week eating really badly, so...

Personal Development: Discover how you can be more successful

Our latest Personal Development book shows you how to change your life. John started the Changing the Game Project in 2012 after two decades as...

Travel Paris: Fancy a getaway to the City of Lights?

Our latest travel Paris article discovers a remarkable hotel. In Paris, the choice of location of your stay is essential. This is why we chose...

Entrepreneur advice: Discover a path for growth in our society

In our latest entrepreneur advice article Atefeh Sadeghi looks at an entrepreneurial mindset. The new year in Brussels presents a great opportunity to reflect and...

Live music Belgium: Discover the best of music in Belgium

In our latest Live music Belgium article we ring in the new year with some more concerts. run SOFA run SOFA has already gone through different...


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