A taste of the sun improves your performance


It will be dry all day and the sun is shining in a clear blue sky, pushing temperatures up to 28 degrees on the coast and in the Ardennes, and between 30 and 32 degrees elsewhere.

According to Het Nieuwsblad, today is the warmest day for 51 years. Meteorologist David Dehenauw told the Flemish newspaper: “September 4, 1929, is the hottest on record, with temperatures reaching 33.9°.”

So now we are all back at work, we will have no excuses for not performing to the best of our ability, since sunshine makes us more productive, according to Pascal de Sutter, professor of Psychology and Sexology at the UCL. It seems fine weather is good for morale and it motivates us in the workplace and in the bedroom.

De Sutter told RTL: “Several studies have shown that it can improve our memory and help us perform better at work. But there are differences geographically. It’s not true for every country, apparently. People who were born in a country where winter is more pronounced see the benefits but those living permanently in regions where the weather’s always good see little change. And the improvements are more marked in the spring that in the autumn because we are coming out of short winter days and we need to go out and take in some air. And it also helps people in their sex lives, simply because they’re in a much better mood.”

Photo: Angela Marie, flickr.com