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Cancellation assistance
Essential holiday protection, for all your holidays abroad and in Belgium, all year round.

The days when you worried about holiday cover are long gone. Sign up for annual assistance and travel all year round, alone or accompanied by family and friends, in complete safety.

Why subscribe to an assistance agency?
As soon as you leave Belgium, the culture changes and so do your habits: whether it be health care, hospitals, doctors, governmental authority or simply the language… The administration systems are generally not the same, and this is without taking into consideration the difficulty of organizing assistance in a foreign country.

In the event of an accident or disease the consequences are generally more expensive and more serious. You cannot depend on your loved ones who are still in Belgium. If you are travelling accompanied by family and/or friends, you will also have to provide accommodation and repatriation for yourself and the rest of the group. With an assistance agency, you make a simple phone call and everything is settled. You will be taken care of in case of an incident on holiday or if your car breaks down, even in Belgium.

The annual formulae: complete peace of mind and it’s less expensive
The annual formula offers a complete medical assistance, which protects you all year on your trips to foreign countries (holidays, city trips, touring). The formula is valid for a victim of a disease or an accident, with medical reimbursement, repatriation, organizing and helping the people who accompanied you on the holiday, providing contact with your loved ones who stayed in Belgium, assistance at your home in Belgium and administrative and logistical aid.

The benefits of annual assistance: because you can never be too careful!
Annual assistance allows you to escape on holiday in all serenity. Not only does it already have a complete formula, the annual assistance offers you extra options to increase the value of annual assistance abroad. You can take out annual assistance that includes your car, assuring complete medical assistance all year round and an efficient breakdown service in Belgium and abroad.

The ideal combination for travelling in complete safety
To reserve your holiday and travel in complete serenity, we suggest you combine the annual assistance with the NoGo cancellation, which protects you medically but also insures you against any financial loss due to cancellation because of something unexpected that arose before your departure.

Sometimes you prefer to stay where you are

From €20

You can now enjoy your holidays with your family or friends right till the end.

Sometimes due to an accident or illness abroad, it is important that you repatriate as quickly as possible. However, sometimes you prefer to wait until the end of your holiday and make the best of the sunny weather before you go home. A broken arm doesn’t necessarily mean a ruined holiday. At Europ Assistance, you can benefit from a personalized solution – not just sometimes but all the time. We assist you 24/7 every day. Contact us on 02 541 9000 or at