Alline Procap contest: Win a hairdressers appointment

alline procap

Alline Procap contest: win a hairdressers appointment
With summer fun unfortunately comes post-summer hair damage. After spending time in the sun, wind, salt water… your hair may be brassy, dry or brittle. So it’s time to go to your hairdresser for a refresh!

With Alline Procap, you can win an appointment with your hairdresser, worth €100, on till 30 December 2017. Winners will be notified during the month of January 2018.

To maintain healthy hair, you can also opt for a dietary supplement based on vitamins, minerals and keratin that brings 100% of the reference daily intake.

Alline Procap is a unique, comprehensive and patented solution for every woman who wants to take care of her hair!

Alline Procap contains keratin (CynaPlus®), the protein of which 95% of hair is composed. This dietary supplement combines the 18 amino acids from the keratin molecule with a complex of 11 vitamins and 3 minerals.