Arnon Barnes: Growing Your Business


Why Growing Your Business Need Not Be Hard Work by Arnon Barnes.

Reflecting back on my years in business since I was a teenager, I realised ‘hard work’ alone to achieve business growth never produced the best results for me. It was not until I had a ‘business growth blueprint’ that I was able to produce repeatable successes across different business and industries.

The most exciting part for me is that it’s also helped many entrepreneurs quickly multiply their business revenue like nothing they’ve experienced before. But what is this really? It’s really about understand the ‘algorithm’ in every business that can lead to explosive growth. Let me explain. For many years I was doing all the things that many ‘business gurus’ told me to do, such as:

■ Work harder
■ Learn to sell better
■ Do more networking
■ Improve my marketing ■ Train my staff

And yes, they gave me some results; BUT they only helped improve my business marginally. My search for a better solution lead me to Tony, a family friend who at that time already had several successful businesses.

When I met Tony, he told me bluntly, “There’s 3 main differences between us which explains why your business has plateaued.” I was puzzled. Tony continued: “Firstly you hire staff, I build championship teams. Secondly, I grow through partnerships, not just marketing. Thirdly, I’m a leader and you are a manager.”

Over the next few months I learned from Tony: A blueprint to build and grow a ‘championship team, the 5 catalysts to create a ‘revolutionary business growth’, a leadership mindset that supports rapid business growth, and how to become ‘magnetic’ and attract better, high-paying customers and repel ‘problem customers’.

With Tony’s guidance, I grew my business to where I wanted it to be in record time. And I actually worked less and enjoyed my business more. I was eventually able to sell that business for millions of Euros and become financially free at 28. I’ve entered multiple businesses since and repeated this system. Every time I got outstanding results, regardless of what industry I dove into.

Because at its core, every business has the same DNA…once I discovered how to ‘crack the code’ – a business grows without fail every single time. Eventually, measuring my success solely by dollars and cents became less meaningful to me. I started helping others who came to me for help. Here what some of my clients have achieved with this blueprint:

■ “In the 100-year history of our business, we’re now making more money than we’ve ever made before.” – Giles, Poperinge

■ “Arnon has helped us break all financial records for our business. Best part is, the business is fully systemised and grows without me 97% of the time.” – Stijn, Ledegem