Arnon Barnes: Mark those milestones!


International Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer and Business Mentor Arnon Barnes advises us how to optimize and use market forces and mark those milestones.

One thing that always astounds me is that a lot of business owners do not have a clear road map or milestone calendar. Something to refer to and be able to identify whether your business is on target or not. So many of you out there are comfortable with your steady growth that you miss opportunities to do better, optimize and use the market forces to your advantage.

Instead you are, unknowingly, drifting in the abyss. Milestones are not to be confused with your company’s vision. All business owners will have clarity on the vision and mission of their company. The long- term goal you want to reach or impact you want to make in your industry or on this world is something that usually ignites the entrepreneurial fire in us and the reason WHY we started our businesses in the first place.

Whilst having a clear vision and mission is imperative for a successful business, lacking milestones will make the journey so much harder and the risks of straying off your path increase.

Having both short-term and long-term milestones in place provides clarity and opportunities to celebrate successes and wins along the way. It allows you, as a business owner, to more easily monitor the progress on your way to achieving the desired success. It’s also a key element in your decision-making process. Sometimes it’s hard to see what one (little) day-to-day action contributes to the greater, long-term, vision of your company. Milestones are the best way to measure whether you and your team’s actions are aligned with the greater good. The ancient Chinese proverb says it best: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”


Milestones can also be used to give your team that extra drive and firepower they need to rise to the occasion and lift your company and your joined successes. When a team has clarity, the team has power! This is both good news and great news. The good news: it all starts with the leadership of the business. The great news: it all starts with the leadership of the business. In other words, you as the leader of your business have the power to create a successful business, a successful team.

You control the power to do, the power to create and the power to deliver value to the marketplace, effectively and efficiently, using milestones. I must warn you though – what most businesses do, when they notice that they are ‘off track’ and are not going to hit their monthly, quarterly or annual milestones, is ‘lower the target’. This is a rookie and huge mistake, because running a business is never about lowering your values, standards and desired outcome. It is about sticking to your beliefs and doing whatever it takes to get to the desired outcome by increasing your activities. Instead of lowering your milestones and compromising your vision, increase energy levels.

The reality is that by creating a milestone map or calendar, you are setting yourself and your team up for a win. That’s what great leadership is about: creating a winner mentality and keeping that momentum throughout your company culture.

Having had the blessing to work with the CEO, visionary and leader behind Together Magazine, David McGowan, made one thing very clear to me. Together Magazine is powered by a driven, passionate and inspirational force. Setting milestones that must be achieved by a team that is uncompromising in their work ethics. A true leader to the core. This is the secret to their success, and I congratulate David and his team on achieving this milestone and can’t wait to celebrate many more with them!

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