Art in Belgium: Brussels contemporary arts this autumn

RUBIK SELF-PORTRAIT WITH CUBE, 2005 - Crédit : Invader

In our latest Art in Belgium article we look at the impressive range of events and exhibitions in the capital.

This year, again September amazes us with its diversity. Contemporary art is a huge cultural success, with a varied offer that speaks volumes about the energy of the Brussels scene. From the Rubik’s cube to ancient Alexandria, animal photography to the new perspectives opened up by contemporary sculpture, Brussels has plenty to surprise you.

Here are just some of our favourites…

Over the past few years, Brussels has established itself as one of the beating hearts of European contemporary art. The appearance of new national and international galleries, artists, previews, exhibitions and fairs has contributed to the city’s appeal and bustling life, whatever the season. The major exhibitions of the moment feature Picasso, a vibrant tribute to Frida Kahlo and a choral exhibition featuring Ann Veronica Janssens and Peter Vermeersch. As for fairs, the year is off to a great start with a host of original propositions: a focus on monumental works in an exceptional setting, an exhibition on contemporary drawing and some great initiatives to make art both affordable and accessible. Packed fuller than ever, the new season’s programme is diverse and enthralling: let’s take a look at the unmissable exhibitions coming up over the next few weeks!

Themed exhibitions
Invader Rubikcubist: MIMA’s latest exhibition explodes the Rubik’s cube and turns it into a creative force. It presents around one hundred cubist-style paintings and sculptures by the superstar artist Invader, whose small mosaics are world famous. Composed entirely of Rubik’s cubes, his works distort certain icons of art history (from the Mona Lisa to Freedom Leading the People), reproduce the covers of mythical albums or portraits of pop culture icons. Dates: until 8 January 2023 Location: MIMA For more information:

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy the Apocalypse
Under the direction of visual artist Seppe De Roo, Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy the Apocalypse creates bridges between the physical world and its virtual double. For three weeks, 14 young artists tackle the concept of Apocalypse and apply it to the contemporary world. In addition to the survival of humanity, this exhibition is an exploration of the survival of young artists. In November 2022, echoing this first event, a virtual exhibition will explore the interconnection between the digital and physical world through augmented artworks. Dates: 2 to 18 September 2022 Location: La Vallée For more information:

On the Lookout
Foundation CAB messes with our perceptions and plays on colour variations thanks to a partnership of 9 contemporary artists. Immersive, at the boundaries of material and multisensory representation, the works and installations that make up On the Lookout transport us into a parallel universe. The exhibition will be an opportunity to get reacquainted with the fascinating works of Belgian artist Ann Veronica Janssens, the perfect and hypnotic gradations of Peter Vermeersch and the architectural sculptures of Morgane Tschiember. A choral exhibition that puts our senses on the lookout. Dates: 6 September to 17 December 2022 Location: Fondation CAB For more information:

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