Atelier NA: Bespoke tailoring without the stress


ATELIER NA And the materials…
Basically, it’s about making the experience of a bespoke suit easy, convenient and understandable. Here you walk into the domain of experts, where one speaks as much about the history of the garment as of the trends of the moment. By giving pride of place to the product and the quality of the fabric, the seasonal collections echo the current masculine line, and that is why the brand has chosen to associate with some of the most famous clothiers.

Such as? For example, the shirts are made from cotton poplin by Thomas Mason, or to illustrate the brand’s sense of innovation they use water repellent (stain resistant) fabrics in partnership with the French weaver INDUO ®. As for the suits, among others they come from Drago in Italy, Holland & Sherry in Great Britain, and quite recently, a new collaboration with the French weaver Dormeuil – for the first custom-made, naturally stretchy suit.

Usage, weather and fashion trends
In total, no less than 1,500 different types of cloth are laid out on the tables, differentiated by their composition, their patterns or even their seasonality such as Prince of Wales, mottled, milleraies, velvet, tennis stripes, etc – in short plenty of choices to satisfy the most diverse of requirements. Moreover, the brand has further diversified its offer by exclusively launching a must-have in the men’s wardrobe: the bespoke cashmere coat, in collaboration with its partner Loro Piana, a world reference in the field.

And while innovation is an integral part of the identity of a brand that aims to the number one in Europe by 2020, flexibility is also a guiding principle. A feature that benefits everyone: indeed, from the moment a customer’s measurements are included in the Atelier NA file, he can place an order in one of the shops or online, whether it be a suit for a wedding – and then re-use at the office – a flannel shirt or trousers that are perfect for kicking off the season.

So, if you are offered the gift of suit by family or friends have no fear of the pitfall of making a mistake in size. Customization and a simplified offer explain the success of this tailor who has been able to make the luxury affordable without spoiling the know-how.

And the cost?
The budget is also tailored, with suits and smoking jackets from €395, shirts from €49 and chinos from €85.