Parma ham at Rob the Gourmets’ Market: tasty!


C. Thonon tried the Parma ham for her first time in Rob the Gourmets’ Market.

In April, the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma and Rob Brussels has put the spotlight on Parma ham in Rob Brussels, an exclusivity just for you. The store plans Gourmet Days on 20 and 21 April.

Professionals, passionate, the Rob Brussels team is always at your service offering their skills Professionals who love to talk about the art of food, who provide you with the best advice of the products according to the seasons. The Market deals with a lot of artisanal products, local artisans and amazing quality products. All the merchandise is selected among the best. Moreover, there is a stunning restaurant where you can enjoy some incredible meals cooked by high-quality chiefs.

PARMA HAM A piece of Italy on your plate
Only in April, Rob the Gourmets’ Market gives pride of place to Parma ham which you can try out in the shop and there is a unique Parma ham recipe, created by chef Alain Bergen. The Parma ham is 100% natural and is a Protected Designation of Origin. There are only 11 areas in northern Italy who are recognised as producers Parma ham.

A delicious recipe by chef Alain Bergen
Parma ham, poached egg and green asparagus: so delicious! The ham just melts in your mouth and the green asparagus is crunchy. This divine meal is amust this April, so if you don’t know Rob Brussels yet, go and discover this huge place jam-packed with quality products. Don’t worry, if you’re too far away, there is the new shop online!

Bon Appétit!

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Photos credit: JJ SEROL