Bali travel: Stay in the luxury Royal Pita Maha Resort


BALI TRAVEL Yoga was followed by breakfast at the Ayung Garden restaurant also located by the river and it is simply impossible to get used to the fact that you are having a delicious organic meal, whilst looking out over gushing rapids and the soaring mountains beyond. If you prefer an open view over the gorge, then I would recommend trying both of the other two restaurants The Royal Pita Maha has on site, the Dewata Lounge, or the Ayung Valley Restaurant located at the top of the resort near the lobby.

One of the most unique features of The Royal Pita Maha is their holy spring water pool. It is the only holy pool located inside a resort in Ubud. The water comes from a spring in the gorge. It is an all-naturally sourced pool, which is supposed to help purify the mind. There is also a shrine for blessings or prayers. I thoroughly enjoyed this element of the hotel and thought it was a very special experience, which complimented the whole spirit of the resort.

If you are a spa lover, then the Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness cannot be missed. I repeat. It cannot be missed! Encompassing 18,000 square meters, this spa is without a doubt a mecca for wellness. It almost feels like a mini resort inside The Royal Pita Maha – there are two big swimming pools, steam rooms, saunas and jacuzzis, along with a spa food menu if you decide to indulge in a little lunch. The treatment villa had it’s own changing area and shower for you to use downstairs.

Then as you walked upstairs, the room was completely open with its own outdoor pool for you to enjoy post-massage if you wished. A detail that I relished was that there was no electronic spa music. Instead they had a pond, which provided naturally soothing sounds. The Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness incorporated nature to effortlessly compliment the spa journey and to me it truly encapsulated what a trip to the spa is all about.

The final element that made The Royal Pita Maha so wonderful was the overwhelming feeling of warmth and genuine care from the staff. Every person we encountered made a conscientious effort to get to know us, and learn our preferences so they could make our stay not just more enjoyable but bespoke to us. We left feeling like part of the family.

BALI TRAVEL One of the employees at The Royal Pita Maha said to me that their idea of a holiday is where you “escape your reality and go back with an experience”. I loved that sentiment and thought it so perfectly captured our time at the resort. If you are looking for jungle luxury, beauty that is simply spellbinding and respite from the hectic landscape of every day life, then The Royal Pita Maha awaits you with warm hearts and open arms.