Balle de Dance Entertains India


Belgian juggler Toon Schvermans who specialises in keeping four balls in the air at one time entertained crowds in the Indian capital New Dehli. Schvermans piece de resistance is called Bal-a-Balles-Musette in which he bounces rubber balls off the ground into his hand while his partner France Perpete carefully skips and dances between the bouncing balls. Bal-a-Balles-Musette is one of the duo’s most popular acts, and they have performed in 500 shows across Europe, Japan and Korea. The duo performed this act as part of the annual Francophonie Week at the Alliance Francaise, their first time in India.

Schvermans and Perpete call themselves Baladeu’x Company — literally translating into ‘two people walking around with a ball’. “It took us over a year and several innovations to get the Bal-a-Balles-Musette right. So, we take it as a great compliment when the audiences feel it is easy,” said Schvermans, explaining why he and his partner still love touring the world with their act.