Beauty in Belgium: Discover the remarkable HairSpa

HairSpa team

In our latest Beauty in Belgium article we look at a unique experience in the heart of the European Quarter just opposite the famous Berlaymont building.

Here is an address as we find few! A luxurious Brussels nugget dedicated to beauty and hair care for men and women with professional attention, expertise and sound advice provided with kindness by Ouahiba, the hostess for 18 years already.

The services of this hairdressing salon are at the forefront of the latest trends: tailor-made cuts and treatments according to a precise diagnosis on the hair. French sweeping, Keratin Treatment, Hair Botox (approximately 1h30 minutes). The salon is specialized in coloring without ammonia and 100% vegetable: French glocing or a color bath. Expert in ombre and hair repair (allow about 2h30 minutes). As well as the extensions with a perfect mastery of the pose, the quality according to the thickness of the hair and the most suitable color with a correction of this one if necessary.  Ouahiba makes it a point of honor to maintain the extensions in order to guarantee an excellent result and neat hair. The salon trusts high-end Kévin Murphy products.

Apart from the public figures of the European Commission or the Parliament who adopted the address a long time ago, a good clientele from Brussels makes this show a privileged place. We even come from much further away!


Entering the HairSpa universe means discovering a real bubble of well-being where it is good to let yourself be guided in the hands of professionals. The Salon aims for excellence in the profession.

Trying it is definitely adopting it.

HairSpa is open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday and public holidays by appointment only from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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