Belgian charity: Help a friend for life


In this month’s charity page we focus on the Belgian charity ‘A Friend for Life’.

The Dutch-speaking Brussels University Hospital (UZ Brussels) opened on 6 June, 1977, with a total of 15 beds, an emergency department, two beds for intensive care and a general ward. On that day, the hospital took in a single patient. This was the one and only time that there was more staff than patients in the hospital.

Making an impressive impact in the Belgian charity field, UZ Brussels has expanded since then into a top-of-the-range hospital with 721 beds, 3,412 staff members², over 28,000 admissions each year and 64,138 patients were treated at the emergency department.

Today, the hospital offers a wide range of healthcare services of the highest quality, from general medicine to state-of-the-art specialist care, which are available to all.

By investing continuously in research, training specialists and attracting renowned physicians, UZ Brussel has achieved successful medical treatments that has made it world-famous.

However, this has not affected its core value: respect for patients as human beings, irrespective of origin, language, social status or philosophical convictions, and for their right to self-determination.

The Friends for Life charitable association helps save patients’ lives or improves them, because, just like them, we believe that everybody has the right to a healthy, happy and high-quality life. By donating to the association you help it to develop vital scientific research into heart, vascular diseases and fertility; make some space and time to give better assistance and healing process to patients; and guarantee a high technological healthcare accessible for everybody.

As a Friend for Life you invest in your own future, in the future of your love ones and in the future of healthcare.

There are different ways to do become a Friend for Life via this website:

Make a donation
This can be done easily and safely through the association’s website, or through the doctor or department of your choice, or directly with the hospital.

Monthly or annual donation
With a monthly or annual donation you offer more financial security to the association. This gives the doctors and researchers more of a guarantee that they can carry out their life-changing work. You can also do this through this website.

As a patron or corporate sponsor
By organizing (individually or as a group) an action or event to benefit the hospital.

Will and testament
By including the association or one of its services in your will.

It doesn’t matter which way you choose: you are more than welcome!

Thanks to you we can make a difference.