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Personal relationships: 5 keys to married bliss

Sarbani Sen opened a book about personal relationships that changed her thinking. Let me share an excerpt of this amazing book on men, on relationships...

Family life: Find out the most popular room in the house

Our family life is currently focused even more on the home environment. Homedit decided to find the most popular rooms on Instagram. Most popular The kitchen...

Personal development: Harness the power of the ‘Ebenezer effect’

Personal development expert Matthew Cossolotto hails the power of an unlikely self-help hero. This time of year, it’s worth considering several valuable lessons we can...

Personal Development: The Cycle of Life

Personal Development: Gemma Rose contemplates death, in a good way! She explores the natural laws of the cycle of life and how we integrate...

Personal development: Hope is the seed of healing

In her latest personal development article Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow reflects on the external and internal enemy. Why is it that we feed on the...

Self improvement: Follow the rituals of life

Sarbani Sen takes a broad look at the rituals that govern different cultures. When we experience violent or important events in our lives, the brain...

Self help: A happy life in the age of urgency

Dave Deruytter’s latest self help article suggests we slow down our speed lives. Relax... You can only do as much as you can at any...

Personal development: More tips for the slow lane

Our personal development writer Sarbani Sen offers further advice on slowing down and taking it step by step. Slow fashion Even the fashion world is going...

Personal development: Life in the slow lane

Our personal development writer Sarbani Sen asks: When the whole world is getting hyper, why don’t we slow down and take it step by...

Belgian charity: Help a friend for life

In this month’s charity page we focus on the Belgian charity ‘A Friend for Life’. The Dutch-speaking Brussels University Hospital (UZ Brussels) opened on 6...
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