Belgian charity: Solidarité Grands Froids Living with dignity


In our latest Belgian charity article the association Solidarité Grands Froids explains its mission.

Our main mission is “Help the homeless to live with dignity”. In other words: helping people in moral, physical or social difficulty by organizing fundraising actions and material goods redistributed to the poor.

The main beneficiaries of our daily actions are, therefore, the homeless in the Brussels region who can benefit throughout the year from clothing, care products, shoes, etc.

Our activities: active all year round!
Even though it is obvious that winter and cold are two factors that greatly influence our activities, we are active throughout the year through specific actions but also through distribution to the poor. Each winter, we help more than 5,000 people and more than 35 charities who have requested it.

We operate according to a solidarity scheme alongside one-off donations in kind from certain sponsors, stocks mainly come from the generosity of individuals.

Parallel Activities
The organization of thematic events, such as Christmas or Easter, for the enjoyment of children living in precarious situations.

The education of underprivileged children, by organizing a library on emergency accommodation sites as well as the creation of an early learning games room for 0-3 year olds.

Back to school for everyone: we provide 500 school kits to children whose families are in difficulty.

Free medical care: thanks to a dispensary open to the most disadvantaged in Brussels. Because many still have no mutual insurance or medical card, which makes their access to medical care problematic.

This dispensary, run by a doctor and a nurse (both volunteers), provides reception and first aid to patients brought or referred by the roaming teams from Brussels.

We support the reintegration of precarious people into a ‘normal’ life through the donation of a ‘starter kit’ which includes the necessary for settling into permanent housing.

Thank you for your support.

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