Belgian design: ODEMARE – Inspiration From Down Under


Belgian design: Marilyn Vercruysse has brought the Antipodes to her native Belgium with ODEMARE.

The brand-new Belgian brand offers unique and artistic dishes and cutlery made from natural raw materials. 

ODEMARE is a Belgian decoration brand founded in 2019 by Marilyn Vercruysse. After living for a few years in Australia, she decided to transpose the impressions of that beautiful place into a series of design dishes with matching cutlery.

Each piece is mainly made from natural raw materials, such as pressed cores and nut shells. The dishes are therefore an excellent biological alternative to plastic. After colouring, moulding and curing liquid wax, they are finished by hand.

Each article is unique – there are no two the same. Inspired by memories of Australia, Marilyn’s creations evoke the swirling sea, the splendid waves as well as the landscapes of breathtaking beauty.

The link with nature is also found in the name of her brand: ‘o’ (water) and ‘sea’ (mare). Together, they form ODEMARE.

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