Belgian entrepreneurs: Creative business people in Belgium

Belgian entrepreneurs Isabelle_de_Borchgrave
Portrait_credit_Michel Figuet

In our latest Belgian entrepreneurs article we look at four more local, creative entrepreneurs

Isabelle de Borchgrave
Isabelle de Borchgrave is a Belgian artist who has sought, and indeed discovered new directions in contemporary creation. She has made works in bronze, she has painted and she has authored installations on commission from public bodies and international fairs. Isabelle is an indefatigable explorer of a new aesthetic landscape – through her painting, her installations and her myriad creations.

Belgian entrepreneurs Pili ColladoPili Collado
For some time now, Pili Collado has been defining a new path for herself… Called to precious missions of artistic direction, she selects the most personal projects such as the restaurant Amen and the Atelier Natan… But her training as an architect redefines new desires, such as the creation of objects or the discovery of collections of character in very limited series or unique pieces, all gathered in her place of anchorage: Les Précieuses, place Brugmann 20. Just before last March’s confinement, Pili Collado found a forgotten box, with all the remains of these multi-colored pieces. A few months later, an edition of 50 unique subjects of sophisticated architecture was born: ‘Useless’.

Belgian entrepreneurs Lynn Khoury SoubraLynn Khoury Soubra
This young Brussels company has its roots in Beirut and cultivates its authentically “clean beauty” philosophy in the light of years of research, with an ultra-rigorous selection. Lynn’s Apothecary was born from the reflections of its founder, a committed natural cosmetics expert, who began her career as an economist, working with the United Nations.

Today, she dedicates herself to balance and well-being, after getting a certification in cosmetic sciences.

Belgian entrepreneurs Sophie CoukeSophie Coucke
Sophie Coucke studied at St Luc Liège, and left for Paris to devote herself to her first passion: the restoration of works of art. An internship in Juliette Dupin’s workshop in Montmartre allowed her to familiarize herself with the different techniques of restoring glass and ceramics. She continued her training in the Echement workshop in Brussels where she was introduced to the various techniques for restoring paintings.

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