Belgian fashion: RUSÉE is a new upcycling ethical label


This month’s fashion Belgian fashion interview is with the founders of a new fashion company.

At the origin of RUSÉE, Géraldine Louis, founder and initiator of the project, imagined in collaboration with the stylist Pauline Danhaive, a bag with a 100% Belgian design, ethical and made in France. Multi-functional handbags … from Petit RUSÉE to grand RUSÉE, including the removable purse. RUSÉE’s concept: “Create respectful luxury designs without compromise!”

RUSÉE, anagram of RE-USE refers to the upcycling model put in place by the brand, proving that you can create an object that is beautiful, luxurious and environmentally friendly while focusing on craftsmanship made in France with total transparency of working conditions. ‘Upcycling’ involves recovering materials or end-of-life products in order to transform them into materials or products of superior quality or utility. Each accessory is hand-made, with particular attention to details and finishing. Finesse and design are the baseline of each of RUSÉE’s creations.

The founders say: “We select the most beautiful leather offcuts and choose the most noble parts. The materials are flexible and light and allow fluid and graphic lines. Bright, assertive colours reveal the sleek design of our accessories. For our creations, we draw our inspiration from nature. It is reflected in our aesthetic world, in the ingenuity of our designs and in our upcycling model.”

BELGIAN FASHION They also attach great importance to craftsmanship and artisanship. “Our creations are handmade in a French workshop renowned for the excellence of its work. Preserving the planet and its resources is also at the heart of our concerns. In order to limit their environmental impact, our accessories are made from scrap leather. By valuing these materials, we give them a second life and we demonstrate the great creative and innovative potential of conscious and respectful fashion. It is the rarity and unpredictability of the available materials that makes the entire creative process so exciting and interesting, guarantee the unique character of each and every one of our accessories.