Brussels fitness: Aspria offers an unparalleled service


In our latest Brussels fitness piece, we sat down this month with Brian Morris, Aspria Group CEO.

What makes Aspria unique?
We like to think we’re unique in all the markets in which we operate, for a number of key reasons.

First of all, our service standards. We don’t compare ourselves to fitness clubs in this respect, because our standards for welcoming and looking after our guests are in line with what you’d expect from the hotel and hospitality sector.

The diversity and quality of our wellbeing facilities and services are also unparalleled. Aspria membership gives you access to the very best in sports, fitness and cutting-edge physiological testing, as well as award-winning spas and relaxation suites, luxury clubrooms and hotels, great-tasting healthy menus and children’s activities.

Family is a key differentiator for us. It lies at the very heart of our philosophy, with a world-leading children’s offering operating under our Academy brand and a welcoming environment for families throughout the club.

Then there’s the sense of community within each of our clubs – the social aspect that we call Club Spirit, which is central to our concept. Aspria is a club in the true sense of the word: a ‘home from home’ where you can escape reality for a few hours (or even a whole day or a weekend) and immerse yourself in a world of wellbeing.

All of these elements combine to create a portfolio of truly exceptional clubs.

You use the word ‘wellbeing’ as a headline descriptor of your offering, rather than ‘fitness’, and your trainers are called wellbeing advisors. What does ‘wellbeing’ mean?
Our use of the word ‘wellbeing’ reflects the very holistic view we have of wellness at Aspria.

As I mention above, sport and fitness is just one aspect of what we do. We also have very large spa areas at all of our clubs, with spa pools, steam rooms and many styles of sauna – plus treatment rooms – as well as healthy food and beverage menus and a wonderful community feel with great ‘club spirit’.

We believe all of this contributes to overall wellness, and we’re able to track the impact of each of these elements – nutrition, relaxation and fitness – via our signature, 360-degree lifestyle assessment, AspriaPro.

Ultimately, we know wellbeing is about how you feel. We also know the contributing factors will vary from member to member and across all age ranges. Indeed, for some of our older members – we have members in their 80s and 90s – ‘wellbeing’ might not be about fitness at all. It might simply be feeling more positive as a result of coming to the club and meeting friends. That works for us. That’s wellbeing delivered the Aspria way and for real people.

All health club operators need to keep up with the latest trends. What have been some of the latest projects at the three Aspria clubs in Brussels?
Our philosophy at Aspria is that we don’t follow trends. We observe trends in the market and, if they interest us, we adapt them, presenting them to our members in a uniquely Aspria way.