Belgian furniture: Marie’s Corner is all about the people


BELGIAN FURNITURE With twenty years of experience in the demanding world of interior design, Marie’s Corner embodies the perfect marriage of modern and classic style for the creation of high-end sofas, chairs and armchairs. True artisans of decoration, the creators of Marie’s Corner propose exclusive models made from natural materials. Designed by hand in Europe, the armchairs Jackson, Colby and other Georgia, Brazil or Oklahoma of Marie’s Corner will find their place in an elegant and refined interior highlighting these haute couture seats.

A top player in the Belgian furniture market
Marie’s Corner accomplishes customized and personalized sofas upon request with respect for a tradition of craftsmanship. 200 exclusive models, 300 finishings and an infinity of possible combinations, render every piece into a unique creation. Simultaneously ageless and ahead of its time, Marie’s Corner has always developed iconic models, designed to adapt to anyone’s desires and dreams, offering a vast range of contemporary classic chairs and tables. A combination of comfort, quality and colours. 

Every unit of furniture is created by hand with top material and a great eye for detail. They all make for special and most personal creations. The frames are made of solid beech wood. The cushions are made of feather and fibre, or foam, and offer excellent seating comfort. For the tables, a selection of three types of wood is available for any exposed woodwork, namely veneer olive, American walnut and oak. The seats have either beech wood or oak legs. Every year, Marie’s Corner manufactures 10,000 handcrafted units. Also, because of the personal approach, most units can be manufactured in any size required.

This furniture maker also curates a beautiful range of textiles. The symbol of a timeless style, Marie’s Corner simplifies the vocabulary so as to just stick to the essentials, thriving on current trends which are based on well-established values, going back to their roots and nature, with a passion for the vintage spirit and of the softness of style of the sixties. The selection of fabrics includes linen, cotton, bamboo and wool blends in an eclectic and inspired presentation.

Find a wide selection of Marie’s Corner sofas, chairs, armchairs, chaise lounges and ottomans at the very best prices, in Brussels or online.