Belgian furniture: Marie’s Corner is all about the people


In our Belgian furniture focus Together grabs a couch with a leading light in the sofa universe.

When it comes to making the best chairs, there are few that can match Philippe Vanhemelen and Serge Silber, the brains behind Marie’s Corner, which they describe as offering “unique, endlessly customizable armchairs based on production according to traditional methods. And with only one obsession in mind: the comfort, the comfort and the comfort!”  

Philippe and Serge have owned the brand since 2006, and since then have prided themselves on using only the very best materials, be they foam, feathers, clothes, wood or people!

All their cushions comprise duck and goose feathers, and 90% of the sales made in Europe are now Philippe’s responsibility.

“But it is all about the people,” say Serge and Philippe. “Our team is devoted to nothing but the very best – and we hope you will appreciate our new models as much as we did when creating them!” 

And the people? José Manuel López Osoriois is one of Marie’s Corner’s feather suppliers, and he inherited much of his skill from his father, who built the machines that Marie’s Corner uses to make their cushions, all of which contain the finest mixture of duck and goose feathers, and which use a petrol-based synthetic foam for maximum comfort.

Now with samples of their art gracing hotels, restaurants bars and cafes all over Europe, there is no doubting the brand’s strength and appeal, as well as numerous articles featuring the brands in magazines, papers and on websites across Europe.

And it’s all about craftmanship down the generations, with the people who make the chairs having been in the business their whole careers.

The Marie’s Corner brand specializes in the manufacture of quality furniture. The company has chosen wood and fabric as their favourite materials for their seats, a rather classic combination, but with a chic and comfortable result. The pieces from the workshops of this Belgian brand are known for their craftsmanship and high-end finish. Presenting itself as a leader in the world of quality seating, Marie’s Corner is appreciated for its fully customizable armchairs and sofas.

Sofas, chairs, armchairs, lounges or ottomans, Marie’s Corner offers a rich and varied catalogue for a chic interior and a personalized decor. The seating solutions offered by Marie’s Corner are also renowned for being handmade and made from natural materials. For finishing, the choice is made from a large selection of carefully selected fabrics such as cotton or linen.

Thanks to its know-how and experience in the field of home-made furniture and seating solutions, Marie’s Corner invests many luxury hotels. With Marie’s Corner, everything is customizable: from the choice of the material to the colours, nothing better to create an original decor at home. In addition, you benefit from a meticulous finish, the furniture being designed in a traditional way.