Biotherm And Together To Energize The Planet


In 2011, Biotherm is at the heart of the green wave: with more natural ingredients, paraben-free formulas and recyclable packaging, the brand is determined to preserve the planet while offering you the best natural cosmetic expertise for your skin.

Skin.Ergetic – the first anti-fatigue moisturizer face care with “fresh cosmetics” – is completely in line with Biotherm’s Green Programme. For the first time, Biotherm combines the natural power of fruit and vegetables with its cosmetic expertise to fight against the signs of fatigue on your skin. Biotherm doesn’t only want to energize women’s skin – we’re also concerned about energizing the planet. That’s why the Belgian Biotherm team wants to make the heart of Europe greener by planting new trees in the Brussels’ Sonian Forest, the largest wooded area in Flanders and Brabant.

On February 24, you will have a great opportunity to contribute to the regeneration of green spaces. For the whole day, we will be offering apples, one of the main ingredients of Skin.Ergetic, to everyone in around the European institutions, at Schumann and Place du Luxembourg, with all collected funds being given to The Forest Agency, the organization responsible for the preservation of the Sonian Forest. Thanks to your funds, on 13th March, the Biotherm team, together with the foresters, will help inaugurate a new natural area.

Let’s energize the planet altogether! Join us in Schumann and Place du Luxembourg on  February 24!