Bomb Blast At IKEA Store In Ghent


The attacks are thought to have been co-ordinated as the rigs on each of the bombs was similar, police sources have said. Belgian police along with forces in France and the Netherlands have now launched an investigation.

Despite the explosions no one was seriously hurt at the furniture retailer famous for its own self assembly devices. Two workers in Belgium suffered minor injuries it has been reported.

Alarm clocks attached to detonators blew up in IKEA stores in Ghent and in Lille, although the bomb found in Eindhoven was in a bin outside the store.

The detonators were linked to small amounts of gunpowder, although prosecutors said they did not think that the bombers had intended to cause significant damage to property or personal injury.

“Federal police with dogs did a sweep of other stores but there was nothing suspect that was found,”  An Schoonjans, a Ghent prosecutor, told the media.