Bringing Europe’s young innovators together


On 26 June, Europe’s young innovators will take over Brussels’ European Parliament Square Meeting Centre for the two-day Young Innovators UNconvention.

The event is designed to bring together innovative young people and leaders-entrepreneurs, business people, investors, experts, opinion leaders and policy makers – who will guide and support the innovators in hopes that the collaboration will stimulate growth and innovation in Europe during tough economic times when youth unemployment is high.

The UNconvention will feature notable keynote speakers, including the chairs of Microsoft and IBM Europe, U.S. Ambassador to the EU William E. Kennard, innovation advisors for Hillary Clinton and David Cameron, EU representatives and more.

Additionally, interactive sessions will be offered to the young innovators, including a panel on women entrepreneurship, the first European Young Innovator of the Year Awards, networking events and opportunities to engage informally with European and American leaders and innovators.

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