Brussels airport closed for royal fly-past


No flights will be allowed to land at Brussels Airport between 5pm and 6pm on Sunday. The closure of airspace at the airport to landing planes coincides with the military fly-past marking the National Holiday and the swearing in of the new king, King Filip of the Belgians.

Some flights will be delayed by up to an hour. The airport authorities warn that delays make even occur after 6pm.

Flights at Brussels Airport should also be affected today, Tuesday, between 3pm and 4pm as the Belgian air force, rehearses for Sunday’s military parade. If a second rehearsal is necessary, a similar closure of the airport might be required on Thursday.

Passengers who had expected to land during the hours affected are being advised to seek more information from their carrier. Arrivals and departures are also posted on the Brussels Airport website.

The fly-past by military planes that is the cause of the disruption is part and parcel of the National Day celebrations that will acquire special significance this year due to Crown Prince Filip’s succession to the throne of the Belgians.